Lychee Boat Congee aka Ting Zai Zhou


Interestingly I found an old wife tale of cooking porridge from a Cantonese housewife who shared table with me while dining at Tim Ho Wan few days back. We spoke in English.

This has nothing to with any chemical added but just simply using porcelain spoon and crushing the rice grain before cooking.

While preparing the porridge today, I recalled our conversation and decided to give a try and see whether it works.

You have witnessed the end results.


Few pieces tubular dried fish maw (soaked, drained and sliced)


Six pieces baby abalone

1 large fresh chicken drumstick

1 large carrot (shredded)

Chopped Scallions

Roasted peanuts

Home prepared chicken stock




Oyster Sauce

Sesame Oil

Superior Light Soy Sauce


Rinse the rice grains and soak with a tablespoon of cooking oil and leave it to soak overnight.

Drain the water and crush the rice using your hand.

Add a pinch of salt and a little cooking oil to season for about 10 minutes.

In a large pot, add chicken stock and bring the stock to a high boil.

Add the crushed rice grain and cook over medium heat uncovered.

Add a large piece of fresh chicken drum stick into the pot and cook until done.

Remove the cooked drumstick, leave it to cool before shredding the meat.

When the porridge has softened, reduce the heat to low and simmer.

Add a porcelain spoon into the pot to prevent the porridge from sticking at the bottom.

At the same time, keep stirring the porridge constantly in one direction for about 15 minutes.

Cooked the porridge to your desired doneness.


Remove the porcelain spoon from the pot.

In a separate small pot, add the cooked porridge and home prepared chicken stock over medium high.

Add the sliced fish maw, baby abalone, shredded chicken and seasoning.


Bring to a boil, add one egg, chopped scallions and roasted peanut and stir well.


Taste the seasoning and adjust accordingly.

Transfer to a bowl and serve immediately.



It is important to stir the rice porridge while simmering, its worth the effort.


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Pork Liver Meat Ball Porridge



A small piece of fresh powdery pig liver (sliced thinly)

10 tablespoons minced pork

Home prepared chicken stock

Plain porridge


Marinate the minced pork with a tablespoon of Superior Light Soy Sauce, dash of grounded pepper, one teaspoon of  sesame oil and a teaspoon of corn flour.

Mixed well and form the marinated minced pork into small bite sized balls.

Soak the sliced pork liver with two tablespoons of corn flour half an hour before cooking to soften and at the same time drain away the excess blood from the liver.

Blanch the pig liver slices with boiling water for 30 seconds or till its half done.

Drain and set aside.

To prepare the porridge, rinse rice and place rice and water in a large pot.

Bring pot to boil over high heat and add home made chicken stock, bring again to another boil before lowering the heat to medium low and simmer for about 15 minutes.

Remember to stir continuously till the rice breaks down and liquid slightly thicken.

Add the meat ball and continue to stir.

If the porridge gets thicker, add more home prepared chicken stock.

Include the sesame oil, salt, light soy sauce and grounded pepper.

Adjust the season to your taste palate.

Stir and simmer for about 8 to 10 minutes.

Finally, add in the blanched pig liver for a minute and turn off the heat.

Cover the pot for another minute before serving.

Scoop the desired quantity to the individual bowl and serve hot.

Garnished the porridge with chopped scallions and crispy shallot.


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Threadfin Porridge with Bittergourd Slices


15 slices fresh Threadfin

2 big tomatoes

1 medium size bitter gourd

1 tablespoon dried shrimps

Cooked rice

Home prepared fish stock


Marinate Threadfin slices with sea salt and grounded white pepper.

Wash and cut the bitter gourd and slice thinly.

To remove the bitterness of the vegetable, soak the sliced bitter gourd in a small bowl with some salt water for at least half an hour preferably an hour.

Pour the home prepared fish stock into a pot and bring to a boil.

Quick rinse the dried shrimps and add into the fish stock and simmer for about fifteen minutes over low fire.

Add the marinated Threadfin slices into the fish stock to cook.

Once the fish meat turned opaque (white colour) and fully cooked.

Transfer the cooked fish to each individual bowl of cooked rice.

Drain the soaked bitter gourd slices together with the sliced tomatoes and cook in the fish stock for about 3 minutes over medium heat.

Transfer a reasonable portion of the cooked bitter gourd slices and a few slices of tomatoes to the fish porridge.

Taste the fish stock and add a few drops of superior light soy sauce for adding seasoning.

Add sufficient fish stock to each bowl of fish porridge

Serve hot.

Garnish with fried shallots.


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Seafood Porridge with Red Brown Rice


What do you do when you have balance of frozen scallops, prawns and other seafood left over from the Steam Boat dinner this coming Year of the Goat?

Seafood Porridge

Here’s one suggestion.


Frozen scallops

Medium sized fresh prawns

Dried scallops

Home prepared chicken broth

Combination of  white and red brown rice









Chopped scallions (garnishing)

Thinly sliced young ginger roots


Cook the porridge in the chicken broth until softened and to your own doneness.

Add some dried scallops together with the home prepared chicken stock for added flavour and sweetness.

Thaw the frozen scallops and de shelled and deveined the prawns.

Cook separately the scallops and prawns in boiling chicken broth and drain.

Sprinkle a little sea salt before cooking.

Do not overcook these seafood.

I just loved the wonder concentrated broth for porridge.

In a clean pot, add the desired quantity of cooked porridge and add some concentrated broth and simmer the porridge to your desired texture.

Add a teaspoon of superior light soy sauce for added flavour.

Transfer the hot porridge to a bowl and add a few pieces of the boiled scallops and prawns.

Garnished with thinly sliced young ginger roots, chopped scallions, fried shallots and lastly a dash of grounded white pepper.

This is one of the many other dishes you can prepare with the balance of the seafood ingredients from the steamboat served during Chinese New Year.


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Simple and Healthy Fish Porridge

A simple bowl of fish porridge with ingredients from the fish salad.

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Beef Porridge


There are endless versions of rice porridge.

Here’s my version of Beef Porridge


Australian Shabu Shabu Beef

1 large carrot (diced into small pieces)

2 cup of rice cooked into porridge

1 cup of chopped scallions

1 medium sweet onion (sliced thinly)

2 cups of Beef Stock

(Once the beef stock is set, scoop the layer of fats from the stock with a spoon gently)


Marinate the shabu shabu beef with Teriyaki Honey sauce and set aside for half an hour.

In a pot, add the porridge, beef stock and the diced carrots and cook together for about 15 minutes until your desired doneness.

In a non stick wok, fry the sliced sweet onion and the marinated shabu shabu beef  to medium done , do  not overcook the beef  or else the beef would be tough.

Once the porridge is done, season with some superior light soy sauce and a dash of sea salt.

Add the desired quantity of shabu shabu beef into the porridge and bring to a boil.

Once done, add a generous amount of chopped scallions.

Serve the porridge on individual bowl.

Add extra shabu shabu beef on top of the porridge.

Sprinkle some pepper and deep fried shallots.


Serve while hot.



The extra gravy from the marinated shabu shabu  has added an extra colour to the porridge.

Shredded Chicken Porridge

Serving: 3

(one drumstick per person)


3 fresh deboned Chicken drumsticks

1 large carrot (shredded)

A bowl of chopped scallions

Home made chicken broth

2 cups of rice


Boil the chicken drumsticks until cook.

Strain the chicken stock and set aside.

You will notice after a while a layer of fats will gather at the top of the chicken stock.

Gently remove the fats with a spoon.

Boil porridge until soft.

Shred the chicken drumsticks and set aside.

In a saucepan, add some porridge and include the chicken broth to cover the porridge.

Keep on stirring until it boils again.

Add the shredded chicken, shredded carrots and tablespoon of chopped scallions.

Include a pinch of sea salt and superior light soy sauce to flavour the porridge.

When done, transfer to a bowl and sprinkle some grounded pepper and deep fried shallot.


You can also included more shredded chicken to the porridge.

Serve immediately.

Braised Duck Meat Porridge



Our family favourite Braised Duck and Tau Kwa Pau stall.

Turning balanced of braised duck meat into something thoroughly tasty and light lunch dish right down to the bones.

The braising sauce mixed and cooked with the plain porridge for a flavoursome combination.


Deboned braised duck meat

Plain porridge

Chicken broth

Braising sauce

Young ginger roots (julienned)

Cilantro leaves


Add chicken broth to the pot of plain porridge.

Heat up the sauce pan over medium and add the deboned braised duck meat.

Include a few scoops of braising sauce and mix thoroughly.

Add a few drops of sesame oil for more fragrance.

When the porridge is boiled, transfer to a bowl.

Add a dash of grounded pepper and garnished with some cilantro leaves and julienned young ginger roots.

If there is sufficient extra braised duck meat just add them on top of the porridge and serve while hot.


A bowl of flavoursome porridge.


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