Span the colour of the rainbow with Trio Coloured Crunchy Pickles

Span the colour of the rainbow with Trio Coloured Crunchy Pickles


A bunch of mustard greens
1 large Radish
1 large carrot
3 inch Young Ginger Roots (thinly sliced)
Apple Vinegar
Rock Sugar


Peeled and sliced radish and carrots into lengthwise about 2 inches pieces.
Remove the stems from the bunch of mustard greens, trim and cut into lengthwise to match the same size as the radish and carrot.
Sliced thinly the young ginger roots.
In a large mixing bowl, add all the vegetables.

Pour three tablespoon of Apple Vinegar.
Add five tablespoons of rock sugar and mix all the ingredients thoroughly.
Let the vegetable sit in the colander for about half an hour.
Toss and squeeze every 15 minutes until little liquid can be squeezed out of the vegetables.
Return the vegetables into the mixing bowl.
Now add the thinly sliced ginger.
You will need to get some extra vinegar and rock sugar.
Taste the pickles before storage and add the necessary flavour.
Transfer the pickles to glass jars.
Refrigerate overnight or 2 days before tasting.

Serve as a good garnish for many dishes.