Double Boiled Soup – Prime Ribs with Pumpkin


There are many methods of preparing soup.

Today, I am using a double boiler with Micro Computer to prepare this yummilicious prime ribs with pumpkin soup.


Half kilo prime pork ribs

Half medium size Kabocha Pumpkin

One pork bone (optional)

Salt to taste


Blanched the prime pork ribs. Drain and set aside.

With a spoon removed the seeds from the Kabocha Pumpkin. Trimmed and cut the pumpkin into chunks.

Place the prime pork ribs and pumpkin into the double boiler and cover with sufficient water.

Set the  cooking timer and cooked for about one hour and half hour.

Make sure not to excess the maximum water level before placing the ceramic pot.


Sprinkle salt to taste and serve warm.


Alternatively, you can also serve this double boiled soup without the ingredients like some restaurant.

Just strained the cooked ingredients and serve the tasty double boiled soup into smaller ceramic pots.

These ceramic pots comes together with the Iona  Double Boiler.



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Savoury Steamed Daikon with Pumpkin Cake


Luo Buo Gao aka Chinese Turnip Cake is a must have dish served during Chinese New Year.

The traditional method of preparing this dish is using Daikon but I decided to make my own version with a combination of Daikon and Japanese Pumpkin.

Radish is a homophone for “good fortune/good omen” and Pumpkin for prosperity, abundance and gold in colour.

This is the family tradition to serve this dish for breakfast during Lunar New Year.


350 gm rice flour

700 ml home made chicken stock

1 tablespoon corn flour

1.1/2 teaspoon sea salt

Dash of grounded white pepper

500 gms (shredded combination of Daikon and Yellow Pumpkin)

12 shallots – sliced thinly

2 tablespoons dried shrimp (washed and minced)

2 tablespoon Sweet Radish (washed and chopped)

1 piece large Chinese sausage (diced)

This special sausage is only available during Chinese New Year.


In a large mixing bowl, add the rice four, cornflour, salt and pepper with the chicken stock and set aside.

Heat up wok and add two to three tablespoons of cooking oil and fry the sliced shallots till browned. Dish out and drain. Keep the shallot oil aside for later use.

Add some shallot oil in the same wok and stir fry the minced dried shrimps till fragrant.

Include the chopped sweet radish and diced Chinese sausage.

Leave it to cook till softened and dish out and set aside.

With one tablespoon of shallot oil, fry the shredded daikon and yellow pumpkin until softened.

You can use the spatula to cut into smaller pieces.

Stir in the rice flour mixture and gradually add to the daikon and pumpkin mixture over low fire and keep stirring and mashing the ingredients.

Add one tablespoon of superior light soy sauce.

Once the mixture has thickened, transfer the mixture into lightly oiled rectangular baking dish.

Steam on boiling water for about 45 minutes over medium heat.

With the amount of ingredients, I was able to make two rectangle trays and one fish mould.

Use a skewer to test whether the cake is ready. If it comes out clean, switch off the heat.

Remove the cake from the steamer and leave it to cool at least one and half hours before storing in the refrigerator.

Garnish this dish with shallot crisps, diced red chilli and chopped scallions.

You can pan fry or steamed the cake before serving.

These yummilicious Daikon/Pumpkin cake will be served at breakfast during this Lunar New Year.

End Results:

This is how the cake looked like after steaming.

This is my first attempt Koi Daikon/Pumpkin cake after steaming.

This is the end result of the cake.

I like this texture not too smooth.

The overall taste is just yummy, you don’t even need to add too much garnishes nor chilli sauce. Tasty and moist.


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Crayfish with Pumpkin Sauce


6 pieces Crayfish

Small piece Pumpkin


Trim the pumpkin skin and slice them into smaller pieces.

Steam the pumpkin until softened.

Use a potato masher to puree the pumpkin and set aside.

Wash and trim the crayfish.

Remove the swimmerets.

Discard the top portion of each crayfish, retaining only the tail portion.

Cut across the top of each crayfish tail with a pair of sharp kitchen scissors.

Season each crayfish tail with a dash of sea salt and grounded white pepper before pan frying them.

Heat wok over medium high heat and add two slices of unsalted butter and a tablespoon of minced garlic and fry till fragrant.

Add the crayfish tails and cooked until opaque.

Remove and set aside.

Preheat the pumpkin sauce if you have done so earlier.

Place the cooked crayfish on a serving plate and add the pumpkin sauce over each piece.

Garnished with some chopped scallions and served immediately.

Pumpkin Sauce Preparation:

Add a few drizzle of olive oil into a small pot.

Add one tablespoon of minced garlic and fry till fragrant.

Add the pumpkin puree into the pot over low fire.

You can include chicken broth for sweetness to the sauce.

The amount of broth will depend on how thick you would your sauce. Its up to you.

Add a medium piece of Mozzarella cheese into the pot and stir gently until the cheese dissolved together with the pumpkin puree.

The end result of the sauce should look like this.


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Pumpkin Cuttlefish Balls


400 – 450 gm Kabocha Pumpkin

Half packet of Cuttlefish Paste


Trim the pumpkin skin and cut into quarters.

Steam the pumpkin until soft and set aside to cool.

Use a potato masher to puree the pumpkin.

De froze the cuttlefish paste.

Roll the cuttlefish paste into balls and coat each ball with the pumpkin puree.

Continue to form balls until all ingredients are used up.

Warning: This is the most messy part of the preparation.

I was able to prepare 8 pieces with the above ingredients.

Coat each pumpkin cuttlefish ball with some all purpose flour, beaten egg and breadcrumbs.

Place the pumpkin cuttlefish balls into the gill basket and air fry for about 20 – 25 minutes.

Once the pumpkin  balls turned slightly browned its time to remove from the airfryer.

I did not deep fry these balls straight away because of the softness. By airfrying, the pumpkin balls will be firmed and more manageable.

Heat wok with sufficient cooking oil to deep fry these pumpkin balls for about 3 minutes until it turned brown.

Serve immediately.

A closer look of the dish.


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Pan Fried Sliced Beef Short Ribs With Shredded Pumpkin


450 gm Pumpkin

2 strips Beef Short Ribs

Beef Marinade:

1 tablespoon Mirin

2 tablespoons Ebara Ohgon No Tare Chukara  or any Yakiniku marinade of your  choice

2 teaspoon corn flour


Cut the skin of the pumpkin and divide into sections and shred.

Leave the shredded pumpkin in a bowl and set aside.

Slice the beef short ribs into slices.

Marinade the beef short ribs and leave it refrigerate for at least 2 to 3 hours.

Before pan frying the shredded pumpkin, add a teaspoon of Cinnamon Powder and a pinch of salt and mix thoroughly.

Over medium high, pan fry the shredded pumpkin until it becomes fragrant.

(Do not overcook the pumpkin otherwise it will turn soft and soggy)

Transfer into a serving plate and set aside.

In the same pan, add some cooking oil and quick stir fry the beef short ribs slices to your own doneness.

Place the beef slices on top of the cooked shredded pumpkin and serve immediately.

Garnished with chopped scallions.

A plate of juicy beef slices and sweet pumpkin as a dish.


Here is another method of preparation beef tenderloin slices and served with crunchy lettuces (Korean style).

You don’t need to use a barbeque grill  to do this, just pan fry and serve.

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Steamed Chinese Pumpkin Cake


Pumpkins are always associated with fall holidays such as Halloween and Thanksgiving.

This orange fruit harvested in October is a good source of protein.


1 piece 0.5kg Australian Pumpkin


300gm Rice Flour

4 cups Chicken Broth

1 medium size pork loin (sliced thinly)

2 tablespoons dried shrimp (soaked)

2 tablespoons chopped shallots

1 tablespoon coarse sugar

1 teaspoon sea salt

2 tablespoons  Superior Light Soy Sauce


Skin and cut the pumpkin into slices.

Place the sliced pumpkin into a steamer and steam for about 15 to 20 minutes until softened.

Leave it to cool before mashing them into puree with a potato masher.

Heat pan with some oil and fry the shallots until it becomes fragrant.

Add the chopped soaked dried shrimps and the thinly sliced pork loin and fry until cooked.

Add salt and pepper to taste.

Mix well and transfer to a plate.

In a clean wok, add the rice flour, sea salt and sugar.

Do not turn on the stove yet.

Add the boiling chicken broth bit by bit into the wok while stirring at the same time.

Stir until the mixture becomes gooey.

Now add the pumpkin puree and the cooked ingredients (dried shrimps and pork loin slices) into the flour batter.


Heat up the wok to a low flame.

Stir all the ingredients and mix them thoroughly.

Transfer the mixture into rectangular trays or ramekins.

Steam the Pumpkin cake for about 45 minutes over medium heat.

You can use a bread spreader and insert into the cake to see whether its fully cooked before turning off the flame.

If the bread spreader comes out clean, than its done.

Leave the Pumpkin cake to cool before refrigeration.

Its best to refrigerate overnight so the pumpkin cake will be firm and easier to handle the next day.

You can either steam the pumpkin cake or pan fry and garnished with chopped scallions and fried shallots.


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Pumpkin Bee Hoon (Vermicelli Noodles)


Half portion of  Australian Pumpkin

Half packet of Bee Hoon (Vermicelli Noodles)

A medium size strip of pork loin (thinly sliced)

10 – 12 medium fresh prawns (de shelled and deveined)

A bowl of chicken broth

2 tablespoons Superior Light Soy Sauce

1 tablespoon Sesame Oil


Use a large sharp knife to cut pumpkin into wedges.

Use the ridges in the pumpkin as a guide.

To remove the seeds from one wedge by using a metal spoon.

Place the pumpkin flat and use a large sharp knife to carefully remove the skin from each wedge.

Cut the pumpkin into smaller sizes and place them on a metal plate to steam for about 10 to 15 minutes until it becomes soft but not too mushy.

Set aside to cool before mashing with a potato masher.

Leave a small portion of the steamed pumpkin and cut into small cubes for garnishing.

Soak the Bee Hoon (Vermicelli noodles) until it soften and drain over a colander.

Heat some oil in a large wok and add one tablespoon of minced garlic and fry till fragrant.

Add the thinly sliced pork first and after few minutes add the prawns.

Add about two tablespoons of chicken broth and mixed well.

Now include the Bee Hoon (Vermicelli noodles) and stir well.


Include two tablespoons of Superior Light Soy Sauce, sesame oil  and additional chicken broth to soften the Bee Hoon (Vermicelli noodles).

When the Bee hoon (Vermicelli noodles) as soaked and softened, lower the fire and add the mashed pumpkin and stir well.

Make sure the mashed pumpkin are well coated with all the ingredients.

Divide the Bee Hoon (Vermicelli Noodles) into equal portions onto serving plate.

Add some small diced pumpkin on top of the Bee Hoon (Vermicelli Noodles)

Garnished with some chopped cilantro leaves and fried shallots.


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Pumpkin Kaya

Pumpkin Kaya


This recipe is a tweak of the traditional Malay Jam (Kaya). Instead of eggs, I have replaced it with fresh steamed pumpkin. Gula Melaka (palm sugar) has been added for a more flavorful taste. Best eaten with toasted bread with a spread of this fragrant Pumpkin Kaya.


Half portion of medium size fresh pumpkin
1 cup of coconut milk
5 pieces of Pandan leaves (knotted)
One and half to two pieces of Gula Melaka (Palm Sugar)


Sliced the pumpkin into medium slices and place them in a steamer .
Bring to boil, cover and steam the pumpkin slices until soft.

With a potato masher, smoothen the cooked pumpkin.
In a sauce pan over low fire, add the coconut milk, gula Melaka (palm sugar) and knotted pandan leaves to cook.

After a few seconds, add the cooked pumpkin paste and continue to cook.
Stir frequently until the mixture is thick and smooth and the sugar are all diluted about 20 minutes.
Remove and discard the pandan leaves.
Cool the Pumpkin Kaya before serving.
You can store the unused portion of the kaya in a sterilized container or bottle and refrigerate.

Serving: Two almost full bottles for this recipe.

All the goodness in a bowl of porridge – Chicken Pumpkin Porridge

All the goodness in a bowl of porridge - Chicken Pumpkin Porridge


Half size small pumpkin, skin removed and cut into small cubes
1 fresh chicken drumstick (boiled and shred)
One and half cups of rice, washed
2 century egg (diced)
2 tablespoons of Superior Light Soy Sauce
1 tablespoon of minced garlic
1 tablespoon of minced shallots
Salt and pepper to taste
Homemade chicken broth


Heat unsalted butter in a wok.
Saute minced garlic until fragrant.
Add diced pumpkin and stir fry for a short while.
Add uncooked rice and fry till the shallots are clear.
Transfer the ingredients from the wok to a sauce pan, add chicken broth and bring to a boil.
Stir the pot frequently to prevent the rice from sticking to the base of the sauce pan.
Lower the heat and leave it to simmer for about 20 to 30 minutes (depending on how you want the texture of the porridge). I prefer my porridge not too soft.
Leave the lid of the saucepan partially covered or else the water will spill over.
Five minutes before turning off the heat, add the diced century egg and stir thoroughly.
Season with superior light soy sauce.
Garnish with fried shallots and serve hot.