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Baby Bitter gourds with Eggs

Choose bitter gourds that are thick and nice and free from dents and bruises. Preferably chose those that are greenish yellow in color as they will not be too bitter. Remove both tips of the bitter gourd and cut into … Continue reading

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Steamed Chinese Three Coloured Eggs

Introduction: This is one recipe that definitely enhanced the food presentation. A combination of three types of eggs namely chicken egg, salted duck egg and century egg. For detailed recipe, check out this link for details. Recommendations: Check out … Continue reading

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Salted Egg Prawns

Introduction: The salted egg craze is still on. From waffles, donuts, fries, pizzas, prawns,  croissants and the list goes on. Ingredients: 4 salted egg yolk 12 pieces prawns (deveined, remove the prawn head but leave the rest in tact) 3 … Continue reading

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Quail Eggs with Marbling Effect

Introduction: To achieve the marbling effect, all you need to do is to reboiled the quailed eggs with dark soy sauce. Ingredients: One packet of quailed eggs 2 tablespoons Superior Dark Soy Sauce 2 pieces Star Anise (whole) 1 tablespoon … Continue reading

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Minced Pork Steamed with Eggs

Introduction: A comfort food, simple to prepare and goes well with a hot bowl of porridge. Ingredients: 8 tablespoons minced pork 3 beaten chicken eggs 3- 4  tablespoons lukewarm water Seasoning: 1 tablespoon Superior Light Soy Sauce 1 teaspoon White … Continue reading

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Salted Egg Custard Mixture

Ingredients: 4 cooked salted eggs (using yolk only) Quarter piece unsalted butter 50gm icing sugar 3 teaspoons concentrated coconut milk 1 teaspoon condensed milk 1 teaspoon corn flour (replacing custard powder) Method: Mash the cooked salted duck egg yolks into … Continue reading

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Preparing Egg to a whole new level

Introduction: I am beginning to understand why Gordon Ramsay recruit new chef by how that person scrambled eggs or an omelette.  If a person care enough to learn how to cook an omelette well,  that person will be going to … Continue reading

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