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What a better way to fix Salmon Fish Head. Lightly rub the entire Salmon Fish Head with seasoned Lawry Salt and leave to marinate for about 15 minutes. Heat the grilling pan and lightly oil. Over medium heat, pan fry … Continue reading

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Tua Bak Fish

I am not pretty adventurous when it comes to buying different variety of fish. Having a good rapport with my regular fish supplier, recently I have started to try new dishes with different types of local fish. This fish is … Continue reading

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Butchering Giant Groupa

Definitely require lots of skill to dissect the giant grouper and cut them into different parts. This large white flaked fish contains no intramuscular bones. This fish has become the choice of people concerned with healthy eating because it is … Continue reading

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Tilapa Fish

This fish is best to deep fried and served with Thai chilli sauce. The basic skill of cooking this dish is to butterfly or splitting or kiting the fish. This will help to keep the fish whole but largely debones … Continue reading

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Komochi Caraft Shisyamo

  Best grilled or deep fried in it’s entirety as the fish can be eaten from head to tail. This time round, I have coated these Komochi Caraft Shisyamo with plain flour, beaten egg and breadcrumbs. These salt water fish … Continue reading

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Spotted Sicklefish

Introduction: Spotted Sicklefish best panfried and garnished with bean paste sauce. This fish has tender buttered meat. Despite reviews I read claiming the  meat to be of average quality with slight muddy taste,  with proper preparation and seasoning, I would definitely … Continue reading

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This is how I like the salmon done

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