Golden Taro Balls with Oysters


Golden Balls Yam and Oyster

Its the time of the year where symbolic dishes are served during Chinese New Year.

Oysters representing receptivity to good fortune.


One packet large frozen oysters.

Half portion of a large taro


Thawed a packet of large frozen oysters.

Quick rinse over tap water.


Drained and dry on paper hand towel to absorb excess water.

Seasoned with Lawry Seasoned Salt and Paprika powder.

Set aside.

Cut taro into chunks.

Place in a metal plate and steam until softened.

Remove from heat and drain.

In a mixing bowl, mash the steamed taro with the potato masher into a paste.


Seasoned with salt, pepper, sugar and cinnamon powder and dash of superior light soy sauce.

Add one beaten egg white to smoothen the mixture.

With the help of a tablespoon, scoop the taro mixture onto your hand.

Flatten the taro paste and add a large piece of thawed oyster and roll into ball.

Leaving a small portion of the oyster visible.


Deep the taro balls with corn flour, beaten egg and breadcrumbs (in this sequence).

Heat wok with cooking oil over medium high heat.


Deep fry the taro balls until golden brown.

Remove from heat and drain on paper hand towel.

Serve hot with your favourite dipping sauce.


The taro paste helps to keep the oysters succulent without being overcooked nor too dry.



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Fluffy Yam Rice with Dried Oysters


Dried oysters also a delicacy are commonly used during Chinese New Year because the word “hou si” sounds auspicious in Cantonese.

Surprisingly as I was cleaning up the refrigerator I found about a dozen pieces of huge dried oysters in good condition and decided to cook it for dinner.

Serving for 4 to 5


Half fluffy yam

10 to 12 pieces semi dried big oysters

Medium strip fresh pork loin sliced thinly.

2 cups of rice

2 tablespoons Premium Oyster Sauce

1 teaspoon coarse sugar

1 teaspoon Sesame Oil

1 tablespoon Superior Dark Soy Sauce

1.1/2 bowl home prepared chicken stock


Peeled and diced the yam into cubes.

Soak the semi dried oysters to soften.

Wash the rice and set aside.

In a wok, heat some minced garlic and fry till fragrant.

Add the sliced pork and soaked oysters and mixed together.

When the meat is semi cooked, add the yam cubes and the rice together with premium oyster sauce, sugar and about one and half rice bowl of home prepared stock and mix well.

Leave all the ingredients to simmer for about 5 to 8 minutes.

Adjust the seasoning if required before transferring to the rice cooker to cook thoroughly.

Stir the yam rice in the rice cooker to prevent it from burning.

Once done, leave the yam rice on preheat mode for about 10 minutes before switching off completely.

Preheat the yam rice before serving.

Garnished with fried shallots.


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Yam Stripped Baskets with Oysters


One packet of frozen big oysters


Thawed the frozen oysters and drain.

Poaching Oysters

Fill a pot with water or preferably home prepared chicken stock until its two thirds full.

Bring the stock to a rolling boil and drop the thawed oysters in the pot.

Boil for about 3 minutes.

Once the oysters are cooked, the oysters will curled.

Remove from the pot and drain the oysters in a colander and rinse with tap water to prevent further cooking.

Served the poached oysters with your own preferred sauce or any of your selected choice of chilli sauce.

Here’s the instruction on how to prepare the shredded yam basket recipe.


Prepare your own sauce to go along with the oysters.

Transfer the poached oysters and the gravy into the shredded yam basket and served immediately.

Garnished with a generous amount of chopped scallions and fresh diced chilli.


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Fuzhou Oyster Cake


I was very pleased with my first attempt of this Oyster Cake commonly known as UFO.

The outside is crispy and inside moist and soft.

Oyster Cake originated from Fuzhou, China.


1 packet large frozen oysters (you can use the balance to dish oyster omelette)

To thaw the frozen oysters quickly, immerse the whole packet of oysters in cold tap water in a big mixing bowl for about half an hour.

Leave the oysters in the colander to drain.

Once oysters are thawed, the texture of the meat becomes softer and these oysters are not suitable for raw consumption.

Preferably oysters should be thawed in the refrigerator and never be refrozen again.

Bundle of Scallions  (Washed and chopped)

A bowl of pan fried peanuts


Seasoned the oysters with Lawry’s Seasoned Salt and set aside.

Batter Preparation:

Serving: 4 to 5 Oyster Cakes depending on the size of your ladle)

100g Plain Flour

100g Self Raising Flour

50g Rice Flour

3/4 teaspoon Baking Powder

Salt and pepper to taste

300 – 350 ml home prepared chicken stock

1 tablespoon cooking oil

1.1/2 tablespoons Maggi Seasoning

Make sure the batter is not to runny.

Set aside for about 15 minutes.

In a wok, add cooking oil deep enough to cover the ladle.

Place the frying ladle in the hot oil for about two minutes to heat it up. This will also prevent the batter from sticking onto it.

Add two tablespoons of batter on the frying ladle and top with two to three large oysters and a generous amount of chopped scallions.

Cover with another thin layer of batter.

Add some pan fried  peanuts on top of each cake.

Lower the ladle into the hot oil for about two to three minutes or until the cake is set.

With the aid of the butter spreader, slowly remove the oyster cake from the ladle.

Deep fry each cake in the hot oil till the cake turned golden brown or to your desired doneness.

Each oyster cake is crispy on the outside and moist and soft inside.

The oysters remained juicy.

Served with your preferred chilli sauce or even fresh green chillies.


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Deep Fried Breaded Oysters


Once oysters are thawed, the texture of the meat becomes softer and these oysters are not suitable for raw consumption.

Preferably oysters should be thawed in the refrigerator and never be refrozen again.

One of my family favourite oyster dish is to coat with breadcrumbs and deep fried.


One packet frozen Oysters

2 beaten eggs

1/1.2 tablespoons Paprika Powder

1 tablespoon Lawry’s Seasoned Salt

Panko bread crumbs


To thaw the frozen oysters quickly, immerse the whole packet of oysters in cold tap water in a big mixing bowl for about half an hour.

Leave the oysters in the colander to drain.

Method of preparation:

Click here for the details.

This time round, I chose Panko breadcrumbs for the dish.


Would you like to dish your own Taiwanese Oyster Mee Sua.

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Japanese Dried Oyster Fried Rice


10 pieces dried Japanese Oysters

Sesame Oil

Premium Oyster Sauce

Coarse Sugar

Home made chicken stock


Soak the dried oyster in water for about 10 minutes to get rid of the excess salt.

Drain and set aside.

In a small sauce pan, add one tablespoon of mince garlic and fry till fragrant.

Add the dried oysters together with a little Premium Oyster sauce, sesame oil and a pinch of coarse sugar and a few  tablespoons chicken stock to simmer over low fire until soften.

The cooking process may take about half an hour depending on the size of the dried oysters.


For preparation of fried rice, please refer to this link.

Scoop a reasonable amount of garlic fried rice and place them on a serving plate.

Top the garlic fried rice with a few pieces of the braised oysters.

Garnish with your favourite lettuces and the yummy Braised Oysters Garlic Fried Rice ready for serving.


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For Chinese New Year – Braised Pig Trotters with Fatt Choy and Dried Oysters to usher The Year of the Horse.


Oysters with Mee Sua (Taiwan Style)


Had a sudden craving for Taiwan Oh Ah Mee Sua.

A dish with oyster meat and salted wheat flour vermicelli is a “must-try”  Taiwanese snack for most visitors to Shilin Night Market.


1 packet Frozen Oyster Meat

1 box Mee Sua (usual serving 2 pieces  for one person)

2 fresh Chicken Drumsticks (boiled and shredded)

 Preparation for Soup Base:

2 stalks cut scallions

Few slices of ginger roots

4 cups home prepared chicken broth

Few stalks of cilantros

1 tablespoon Chinese Cooking Wine (Hua Tiao Chiew)

2 tablespoons Superior Light Soy Sauce

1 tablespoon minced garlic

2 tablespoons Black Vinegar

2 tablespoons Superior Dark Soy Sauce

1 tablespoon Premium Oyster Sauce


De frozed the oysters and leave in the colander to drain completely.

Coat the oysters with some corn starch.

Bring a pot of water to boil and blanch the oysters for only a few seconds.

When the edges of the meat starts to curl up, its done.

This step is to firm up the meat.

Drain the blanched oysters.

Heat wok and fry the scallions and sliced ginger till fragrant.

Add the home chicken broth and bring to a boil.

Include all the seasonings and stir well.

Taste to adjust your seasoning preference.

To achieve the thick consistency of the gravy, I have added a mixture of three tablespoons of tapioca flour and 2 tablespoons of corn flour with 4 tablespoons of water.

(Remember not to add too much flour as the soup gravy will automatically thickened when the Mee Sua is added)

In a separate pot, bring water to boil and blanch the Mee Sua.

Place the Mee Sua in a big bowl, followed by the gravy.

Place a few pieces of the blanched oysters and shredded chicken meat.

Garnishes with chopped cilantros and fried shallots.

The texture of the gravy is just right.


Here’s another Mee Sua recipe if you wish to try it out.

What A Better Way to Cook Oysters – Juicy, Plump and Crispy!


Packet of Frozen Oysters (about 14 pieces)

2 eggs (beaten)

2 tablespoons fresh milk

Bowl of Bread crumbs

1 Tablespoon  of Paprika Powder

Dash of Lawry’s Seasoned Salt


Drain all liquid from the oysters with paper hand towel.

Coat oysters with seasoned salt and Paprika.

In a mixing bowl, add two eggs and two tablespoons of fresh milk. Beat with a fork till well blended.

Heat oil in deep frying pan over low medium heat.

Dip one oyster at a time in the egg wash.

Dip and roll thoroughly in the breadcrumbs mix to coat completely.

Slip the coated oysters into the cooking oil.

Fry the coated oysters for one to two minutes until they crisp up and turn a nice golden brown.

Make sure not to over crowd the frying pan with too many oysters.

Recommend two to three at one time.

Remove onto a plate lined with paper hand towel to drain off any additional oil.

Serve immediately.

Garnish with  cilantro leaves.