Steamed Salted Fish with Minced Pork

Sik Wai Sin Eating House has one of the best Steamed Salted Fish with Minced Pork dish but unfortunately this eatery has closed down.

I am not a lover for salted fish but its ok once in a while to enjoy salted fish dishes.

A  very simple dish even an amateur cook can prepare.


Ingredients required for this dish.

Minced pork, diced salted fish and chopped fresh waterchestnut (optional).

Mixed all the ingredients together with some corn flour for smoother texture.

You can also add a little seasoning of superior light soy sauce if you prefer a more salty taste.

Depending on the amount of salted fish used, otherwise soy sauce can be skipped.

Last but not least a little dash of sesame oil for added flavour.

Place the ingredients in a metal plate and steam until the minced meat is fully cooked.


Inorder to taste the salted fish, I have simplify this dish to enjoy every bite of the salted fish and the cooked minced pork.


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Pork Chop

What is your choice of meat for your Pork Chop?

I prefer the distinctive marbled Kurobuta Boneless Pork Chop which is exceptionally juicy and flavourful.



Each piece of pork chop well coated with breadcrumbs.


Check this link for the detailed preparation of the Pork Chop.


Served the tender Pork Chop with your own choice of salad.


I have chosen two fruit combination that goes well with this dish.


Zespri Kiwifruits


Red Jambu (local exotic fruit)

The waxy skin with crunchy white flesh. Highly attractive ornamental fruit, as well as sweet and tasty.

Have you wonder the blooming process of these beautiful Red Jambu?

Check out this link to see the illustrated photos and informative facts about this special fruit.