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Winged Beans with Prawns

Introduction: Winged beans are versatile edible legumes with long, flat pods covered with frilly “wings” along the four edges. The beans generally recognized by their local names like “kacang botol” in Malaysia, “kecipir” in Indonesia. Best cooked with prawns and … Continue reading

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Prawn Tempura

Introduction: How about making  crispy and delicious prawn tempura at home with easy steps. Ingredients: 12 to 15 large Sea Prawns Tempura Flour Method: Credit goes to this video on how to prepare and cut  the tempura prawns. This type … Continue reading

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Salted Egg Prawns

Introduction: The salted egg craze is still on. From waffles, donuts, fries, pizzas, prawns,  croissants and the list goes on. Ingredients: 4 salted egg yolk 12 pieces prawns (deveined, remove the prawn head but leave the rest in tact) 3 … Continue reading

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Appetizer for Xmas

Introduction: Mouth Watering Appetizer for Christmas. Aside from traditional meal like turkey and other roasts. These sea prawns makes a “glorious entry” to any feast from Ocean to the Dining Table. Simply steam these Sea Prawns until they turn red. … Continue reading

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How to Cook Visual Appeal Cereal Buttered Prawns

Introduction: The following method is to increase both visual appeal and the apparent size (circular shape and larger appearance) of these king size crustaceans. Remove the rostum (prawn head) Remove the antenna (curly and long feelers) Remove the periopods (front … Continue reading

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SG50 Jubilee Prawn Cocktail Salad

Introduction: Celebrated  Singapore Golden  Jubilee SG 50  in style, simple and classic by serving Prawn Cocktail Salad while watching the repeat telecast of our 50th Anniversary National Day Parade Aug. 9, 2015. Ingredients: 15 to 20 fresh sea prawns Method: … Continue reading

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Garlic Chives with Prawns

Introduction: Garlic chives aka Nira are soft and smell unique in their green long, thin and flat shape. Often used in Korean cooking and usage is widely spread in Japan. Ingredients: Half packet of Nira (Garlic chives) 10 – 15 … Continue reading

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