Crispy Baby Squids in honey sauce



This is one of my family favourite seafood and a “must order” menu when we dine at the seafood restaurant.

The flavourful bite sized whole baby squids in every mouthful coated with chilli sauce.

Simple and yet a delectable dish.

I was very lucky to find these fresh baby squids from the local market.


1 kg fresh baby squids

1 cup rice flour

Salt and pepper

Chilli sauce, honey, superior dark soy sauce.


Rinse the baby squids and leave in the colander to dry.

Pat with paper hand towel.

Roast the baby squids in the oven until cooked.


Set aside to dry.

The drier the baby squid, the crispier when deep fried later.

Season with salt and pepper and mixed well.

Coat the baby squid with rice flour.

Heat oil with cooking oil and deep fry the baby squid until golden brown and crispy.



Drain with paper hand towel and set aside

Now prepare the chilli sauce in a small pot, adding chilli sauce, water, honey, superior dark soy sauce to your desired taste and quantity.

Reduce until the sauce thickened.

Add deep fried baby squid and tossed evenly.


Served immediately.


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Crispy Squid on Stick

What do you do with the balance of the squid parts?

When it comes to food, nothing is left wasted.

I have created another finger food with the squid heads and parts.

Does this look familiar to foodie lovers in Singapore?


Season the squid heads and parts with Seasoned Salt.

Coat each piece of the squid parts with flour and deep fry until nicely browned and crispy.


Thread the cooked squid parts into the skewer to your desired length.

Sprinkle generous amount of grounded Garlic and Pepper and served hot.


Isnt this simple.

Another finger food for your menu.

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Stuffed Squids with Glass Noodles Soup


These medium size squids are hard to find and its best to stuff them with minced pork and cook a soup dish.



Cleaning the squid to remove those inedible parts.

The head, eyes, internal organs, beak and pen (or quill) of the squid are inedible.

A squid’s ink sac is usually removed with the internal organs. If the sac is kept intact the ink can be added to your seafood sauce. Anyone cleaning squid at home can use this gourmet ingredient just like the restaurants do, instead of throwing it away.

Squid fins are soft and shaped like wings. They are pulled away from the mantle by hand during squid cleaning. If making calamari, for example, the fins would be discarded, but they are edible. To prepare fins for cooking, trim the hardened strip from their edges.

These smaller squid skin can be tender enough to be left on.  Just peel it off and discard it.

The tentacles are removed with the head when cleaning squid. Though edible, the long, thin tentacles are considered impractical for cooking and should be cut off and thrown away. But the main thick, curly tentacles are edible and tasty. If you set these aside for cooking, there are two simple preparation steps:

– remove the beak by squeezing the base of the tentacles, making it pop out ready to be cut off

– gently scrape the suckers from each tentacle with the blade of a sharp knife.

Removing the organs and pen usually takes just one movement, but always check inside the mantle to ensure nothing is left behind.

Always have access to cold running water. One reason is in case the ink sac ruptures.

This is less likely with small, easily manageable squid, but the bigger the squid, the more ink there is to spill. Also, there may be sand to be washed away if you’re cleaning squid from a fresh catch.


Marinate the minced pork with premium light soy sauce and dash of pepper and some corn flour.

Mixed well and stuff into each squid until it reaches the surface. Set aside


In the meantime, prepare the stock for the soup, you can also use fish stock if available or chicken stock.

Add the stuffed squid into the boiling stock to cook.

Include a few bundles of glass noodles to the soup and a tablespoon of preserved vegetables.

Its best to serve while the soup is hot and garnished with fried shallots and chopped scallions.



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Crispy Squids


How do you bring out the flavour of squids?


Squid heads (from my previous recipe)

2 large fresh squids (cut into rings)


Lawry’s Garlic Pepper (Coarse Ground Blend)

Batter  Ingredients:

1  cup all purpose flour

1/2 teaspoon baking powder

Salt to taste

1 beaten egg

1 can beer

1/2 cup water or slightly more


Season the cut squids with garlic pepper and leave it for 10 minutes before deep frying.

(A robust blend of coarse ground pepper and garlic for great flavour)


Heat wok with sufficient cooking oil.

Coat each piece of squid with the batter and lower into the hot cooking oil.

Deep fry until golden brown.

Drain on paper hand towel to absorb additional cooking oil.

Serve while hot.


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Squid in Minty Tomato Sauce


There are numerous dishes for Squids.

How about this dish?

Simple to cook and fast to eat!



Two fat fresh squids

1 bowl of tomato sauce

2 tablespoons Plum Sauce

A bunch of fresh mint leaves

1 tablespoon minced garlic


Step 1: Holding mantle in one hand, pinch pen (transparent backbone) with index finger and thumb of opposite hand, separating pen from mantle.

Step 2: Gently pull pen out of mantle, easing viscera out along with pen. Cut away tentacles.

Step 3:  Scrape membrane to loosen from mantle. Peel away all membrane and discard. Rinse mantle thoroughly with cold water to remove any remaining viscera. Pat dry with paper towels.
Step 4: Use mantle whole or cut into rings.

Heat up pan with a tablespoon of cooking oil and sautéed minced garlic.

Add the sliced mantle and fry for about 3 minutes.

Add the sauce ingredients and mixed thoroughly.

Do not cook the squids too long as they will turn rubbery.

Sprinkle chopped mint leaves and stir well.

Transfer the cooked squids into a serving dish.

Garnished again with some fresh mint leaves and served immediately.


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Crispy Squids Mee Suah (Flour Vermicelli)


How to prepare crispy squids?


Click this link for details:

How to cook the flour vermicelli?


Mee Suah Preparation:

Before you start frying the mee suah, have ready a pot of boiling water and a metal strainer.
Heat cooking oil over medium low heat to deep fry small portions of mee suah.

Ensure the oil is sufficient enough to cover one skein of Mee Suah at a time.
Once the oil is hot enough, place one skein Mee Suah in the hot oil.

Wait for about 20 to 30 seconds and flip over gently using a tong or pair of chopsticks, taking care not to break the noodles. Fry until both sides are golden brown and crispy. Lift noodles and shake off excess oil. Immediately place mee suah into the boiling water. It will bubble up when the hot oil mee suah touches the water. Do not stir at this point or else the mee suah will break up. Leave it to simmer in the boiling water for about 30 seconds until softened. With a pair of chopsticks loosen lift the cooked mee suah into the strainer.

Rinse the mee suah with running water for a few seconds. Pour the mee suah into a colander to drain excess water. Now the mee suah is ready to be cooked with the other ingredients.

For photo illustrations, you can check out at this link.

Now you have a combination of crispy squids together with fried flour vermicelli as a dish.


Here’s how to prepare different types of noodles.


Grilled Squid with Teriyaki Sauce


2 large fresh squid


4 – 5 tablespoons of Honey Teriyaki Sauce

2 teaspoon Brown Sugar

4 teaspoon Mirin

Lawry’s Seasoned Salt


Pull he head apart rom the squid body.

Cut off the beak and eye portion and reserve the tentacles and discard the transparent bone inside.

Inorder to make washing easy for the inner part of the squid, cut off 2 to 3 cm length from the base part of the body.

Tear off the membrane from the squid body tube and tentacles.

Wash, rinse the squid under tap water until clean. Drain and dry.

Look at the rich Squid roe!


Marinade the squids with a little Lawry Seasoned Salt.

Just before panfrying, brush the squid with marinades and leave it to stand for about 15 to 20 minutes.

Add a little cooking oil in the frying pan and the squids to panfry till each side turned opaque or when the meat contracted and the squid body turned into a firmer tube.

I have used the wooden skewer to straightened each squid for easier handling.

Turn over the other side of the squid and brush with the same marinade and panfry till cooked.

Look at the nicely yellow texture of the squid served with chopped Chinese celery as garnishing.

If you have remainder marinade, just drizzle over the squids before serving.

Tasty and flavourful dish served together with the roe.


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Crispy Pineapple Cut Squids


1 packet frozen pineapple cut squids

1 Beaten egg

6 tablespoons Corn flour

1 cup Panko breadcrumbs


Thaw the frozen pineapple cut squids.

Wash with tap water and leave in the colander to drain.

Pat dry with a few pieces of paper hand towel and set aside.

Marinate these squids pieces with Lawry’s seasoned salt and hoisin sauce for flavour at least an hour before deep frying.

Heat wok with sufficient oil to cover a few pieces of the squids.

Deep each piece of squid into the corn flour, beaten egg and Panko breadcrumbs.

Slowly dip into the hot oil and deep fry until they turn crispy and brown but not burnt.

Leave on the paper hand towel for a while before serving.

You can garnish these crispy pineapple cut squids with your own favourite sauce, lettuces or taste as good without any sauce.

Who say frozen squids are tasteless?


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Steamed Squids with Special Sauce


3 large Meaty Squids


Holding the head and tentacles, pull away from the body bringing the intestines with it.

Cut the tentacles off just in front of the eyes.

Discard the eyes and intestines.

Put the tentacles aside (with cuttlefish, remove the beak – a bit of hard shell – and cut another good bit of meat from around it).

A squid bone is like a transparent ink quill: to remove it, you’ll find it at the wide end of the body pouch and give it a tug.

Clean each squid and leave on the colander to dry. In the meantime, prepare the sauce of your own choice.

Place a satay skewer across the whole body of the squid to prevent it from curling.

For faster cooking, slit the whole squid until you reach the top of the satay skewer.

Place the squids on a metal plate and steam until cook.

Do not overcook the squids or else the meat will become very tough.

Drizzle generously the accompanied sauce and garnished with chopped cilantro leaves.

Sauce Preparation:

It can be any type of sauce to go along with these steamed squiddy.

For this recipe, I  have included Thai chilli sauce, sesame oil and a little bit of Hoisin sauce.

You don’t want to overpower the chilli sauce with too much Hoisin combination.

Most commonly used is the Orange Oil Soy.


Would you like to prepare your own Ikameshi Squids.

Here’s the recipe.