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Roll Up Again with Vietnamese Finely Latticed Vermicelli Sheets

Introduction: These finely latticed vermicelli sheets are used to make Vietnamese spring rolls. You can deep fry the spring rolls to a golden crunchy brown filled with your own mixture of ingredients or lightly deep fry with prawn flavoured with … Continue reading

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Ngoh Hiang Liver Roll

Introduction: Ngoh Hiang Liver roll is a must have order list at my regular Ngoh Hiang food stall. Some think its pretty labourious to prepare this dish but I don’t think so. A  good meal is a gift. Most importantly … Continue reading

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Introduction: Popiah is also a popular dish served for home parties and during Chinese New Year due to the concoction ingredients  and sharing session while wrapping a piece of Spring Roll for yourself. Here’s a simple spread of the popiah … Continue reading

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Irresistible Prawn Meat Rolls

Ingredients needed to make the perfect Prawn Meat Rolls. Foremost, the sweet and crunchy prawns. In the mixing bowl, all the ingredients added together to form the perfect mixture. Beancurd skin Rolls them up and ready to cook. Click here … Continue reading

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Teochew Ngoh Hiang with Yam

Ingredients: 3/4 kilo pork belly (minced with additional fats) 6 pieces fresh water chestnut (peeled and chopped coarsely) Half kilo medium size fresh prawns (de shelled and deveined and chopped) 1 piece dry bean curd skin 10 pieces Shallots (peeled and … Continue reading

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Minced Wild Sand Prawns (Sua Lor) Wrapped with Spring Egg Roll Skin

Introduction: Wild sand prawns (Sua Lor) in Hokkien or also known as “Sand Hut” prawns usually borrow themselves in the sand. Crunchy and sweet though the shells are rough and thick. Process of melanosis the prawn heads turned black easily as … Continue reading

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Crispy Bean Curd Seafood Rolls

Ingredients: 20 pieces of medium sized fresh prawns 10 tablespoon of Cuttlefish Paste 1 egg white 1 tablespoon of 100% Pure Chee Seng Sesame Oil 1 packet of Dry Bean curd Skin Dash of sea salt and grounded pepper. Method: … Continue reading

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