Seri Kaya (Caramel Version) aka Steam Nyonya Kaya

Seri Kaya (Caramel Version) aka Steam Nyonya Kaya


Home made kaya is always the best with simple ingredients such as eggs, coconut mik, sugar and pandan leaves.
The cooking time is the complex process involving constant stirring the custard and double boiling.
This cooking method is a combination of both steaming and double boiling.
The container of the kaya has to be half submerged in boiling water.
I used to watch my late grandmother (mama) preparing the steam Nyonya Kaya.
This is in fact my first attempt using the complicated method but modify with our modern appliances and it was successful.

As the cooking progressed I could smell the aroma of the kaya and reminded me of that “special” smell when I was in the kitchen with Mama. I never knew I was able to cook just like what Mama did many years back with a modified procedure of preparation.

Relived my memories of childhood days.


8 eggs at room temperature
10 tablespoons of fine castor sugar
350 ml of coconut milk
Few stalks of Pandan Leaves (washed and knotted)


Break the eggs into a bowl.
Stir the eggs ensuring the whites and yolks are well mixed.
Add fine sugar and stir until all sugar are dissolved.

Add the coconut milk to the mixture.
In a saucepan, add the mixture including the knotted pandan leaves over low fire and continue to stir in one direction for about 15 minutes until you see the bubbles appearing.
Turn off the heat.

Strain the custard mixture through a fine mesh strainer into a bowl.

Fill a metal steamer which you will be using to steam the kaya with enough water to reach halfway up the metal bowl, after you have put a metal stand on the base of the pot.

For the texture as shown on the photo, it took about 30 minutes to steam without any stirring.


I have yet to improve the texture of Seraykaya.