Sg Eat With Us to celebrate Singapore 50th Anniversary of Independence


Bringing communities together through home cooked meals.

SG Eat With Us invite local and overseas Singaporeans to participate in the #SgEatwithUs movement.

To participate, you can organise home-cooked food meals or potluck parties with families, friends and neighbours, and take a photo to post online with the hashtag #SgEatWithUs.

Singapore Home Cook at the first carnival.


As part of SG50 celebration, there will be four #SgEatWithUs dates where pop-up food carnivals at specific locations will be organised to gather Singaporeans and Singapore residents to share home-cooked food in the spirit of #SgEatWithUs.

With the movement, we hope to create a culture of sharing where people of different ethology in the community can come together to serve, share and relate to one another.

First carnival was held on 28th December 2014 at ORTO (formerly known as Bottle Tree Park), 81 Lorong Chencharu.


SgEatWithUs is a movement to invite Singaporeans and Singapore Residents to share their home-cooked dishes with the community.  We see home-cooked food is a key ingredient to bring the communities together by extending the family bond with the different communities to build a stronger and united Singapore and to achieve the #SgEatWithUs vision of ‘Our Family, Our Community, Our Singapore.

The second carnival will be held at National Library Board Atrium on 29th March 2015.

Look out for more information and activities on Sg Eat With Us.